Risk Management Lessons Learned from 2018 Litigation Involving Design Professionals Webinar On Demand

Posted on: April 23, 2019 by Professional Underwriters Agency

This webinar will focus on identifying and managing risks that arise from recent design professional litigation, and understanding how courts are interpreting Indemnity Clauses. You will also learn some tips for addressing new concerns, and how to address problematic standard of care and safety provisions in contracts.

Learning objectives to be discussed include:

  • Understanding how courts determine site safety responsibility, and how to manage the contract and project to allocate site safety to the most appropriate parties;
  • Learning how courts are applying standard of care and warranties to design professionals and what can be done to manage the risk;
  • Learning from court decisions and litigation how contract language may be interpreted and applied, and how to draft clear and unambiguous wording to reduce claims;
  • Learn how the courts are applying risk allocation clauses in contracts and how to draft reasonable clauses.

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