Risk Management Corner: Professional Standard of Care by Kent Holland

Posted on: October 30, 2018 by Professional Underwriters Agency

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In today’s soft marketplace, there is no shortage of markets, and agents and insureds have their choice of which markets they choose to work with. Whether or not that is true, most markets essentially claim their program is the best for the same reasons (i.e. strong paper, great service, broad policy form, etc.). When meeting with agents, I am often asked what differentiates us from our competitors. For us, the answer is easy: Kent Holland is our differentiator. Under our Arch program, we outsource our risk management services to Kent Holland and his firm, Construction Risk, LLC. This includes unlimited contract reviews, a 1-800 number hotline, and quarterly CE eligible webinars. Simply put, Kent is the best in the business and returns a red-lined contract with suggestions within 48 hours of receiving all contract review requests.

In this article, Design Professional’s Standard of Care: Keep it Based on Negligence, Kent writes about two distinct issues that are presented when a design professional (DP) is sued for negligent performance. The first issue is whether the design professional owed any duty of care to the claimant at all. If so, then the second question is whether its the design professional’s obligation by performing its services consistent with the applicable professional standard of care.

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