Exploring the Need for Architect Professional Liability Insurance

Posted on: January 9, 2015 by NSM Insurance

Exploring the Need for Architect Professional Liability Insurance

It’s been two years since Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast, and for some coastal communities, the rebuilding took a year or longer to start. The delays came due to discussions about elevating roadways to possibly prevent damage from any future storms. With that, many homes and businesses would have needed to be lifted as well. These new building designs caused risks for the architects that took these projects on. They found themselves facing new federal regulations in regard to flood maps as well as new local zoning regulations that are not always necessarily in line with federal rules.

This is just one example of how your architect clients can find themselves in hot water legally. Architects are not only held responsible for their designs, but also how well those designs hold up structurally. It’s imperative that your architect and engineer clients understand the importance of Architect Professional Liability Insurance, since the company they work for will typically only be liable to a certain degree until the architect themselves is held responsible.

Professional liability insurance for architects helps with the cost of litigation in the event that your client is faced with a lawsuit. Architects and engineers play a pivotal part in the construction of people’s homes or businesses, and thus it doesn’t make sense to be without this type of financial protection. Your client should really be asking themselves, “can I afford to be without professional liability insurance?”

At Professional Underwriters Agency (PUA), we specialize in Professional Liability Coverage for Architects and Engineers, bringing more than 75 years of combined underwriting experience and a wealth of expertise to this space for our agency retailers to tap into for new and renewal business. Please contact us today at (855) 661- 0627 for more information about our liability products for architect, engineers, and more.

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