Providing Cyber Liability Insurance Solutions

The reality today is that companies and professionals face cyber risks as part of doing business. Without robust and fluid cyber security measures, no matter how big or small your company is, the data you store on your clients and employees is at risk. Additionally, the costs involved in the event of a data breach or other cyber exposure can be significant – and even crippling – for professionals and businesses without the proper insurance program in place. PUA offers a comprehensive Cyber, Privacy & Media Risk (CPM) insurance policy specifically designed to safeguard companies from the cyber threats they face today.

Types of Cyber Risks

These risks include data breaches that result in theft of intellectual property or personal confidential data, the spreading of a virus or malicious code, failure to follow federal or state regulations involving notification of customers whose personal data has been compromised, among others. Our CPM product addresses these cyber exposures to pay for costs when a cyber crime occurs, such as forensic analysis of one’s system to pinpoint how a breach occurred, media relations and reputational management, third-party claims for damages, regulatory fines and penalties and more.

Our Cyber Liability Policy Features

  • Maximum Cyber Liability Limit: $10m
  • Maximum Privacy Liability Limit: $10m
  • Maximum Breach Notification Limit: $10m
  • Maximum System Damage and Interruption Limit: $10m
  • Maximum Revenue: Unlimited
  • Minimum Deductible: Zero
  • Minimum Premium: $500