Delivering Employment Practices Liability Insurance

The environment for businesses and professionals regarding employment practices and allegations of work-related violations is increasingly complex. Broader regulation, increased scrutiny by federal and state agencies, and greater awareness by workers on certain issues that make headline news such as wage and hour disputes have increased an employer’s risk. We’re seeing more and more lawsuits being filed against employers for discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and other alleged violations.

At PUA, we can assist you in helping your insureds protect themselves and safeguard their assets in the event they end up with a lawsuit involving one of their employees. Our Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is available for firms with five or more employees for all industry types, and is written on an E&S basis.

Broad EPLI Coverage Available Nationwide

Our policy form will provide your insureds with broad employment practices features and coverage:

  • Broad Array of Covered Liabilities, including Violation of any Federal, State, or Local law, including Common Law Violations Pertaining to any Kind of Discrimination or Harassment
  • Consideration of Firms with Anywhere from 5 to Over 5,000 Employees
  • More than Employment Practices Liability Covered — Claims of Discrimination or Harassment Made by Third-parties, such as Customers and Clients Also Covered whether Brought under Public Accommodation Statutes or any Other Theory of Liability
  • Broad Employee Claim Coverage including Full-time, Part-time, Seasonal, Temporary, and Claims by Leased Workers and Independent Contractors are Covered
  • Full Prior Acts Coverage
  • Claims for Non-monetary Relief Covered
  • No Intentional Acts Exclusion
  • No Class Action Exclusion
  • No Bodily Injury Exclusion for EPL Claim
  • No Downsizing Exclusion
  • Punitive Damages Coverage Where Allowable
  • Separate defense Limits Available for Small A.P.
  • Wage and Hour Law Defense Sub-limit of $150k Available for Small A.P.

With our program, loss control services are available to all policyholders, including assistance with the creation of employment practices policies/procedures and training.