Breaking Down B101 Agreements – Webinar Slides

Posted on: January 21, 2022 by Professional Underwriters Agency

Design professionals often use form contracts from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) — but do they fully understand the AIA B101™ 2017 Agreement between Owner and Architect? The B101 Owner-Architect Agreement is the standard form of agreement between Owner and Architect for services and it’s critical to understand the terms and conditions.

This webinar, in partnership with J. Kent Holland of Construction Risk, will provide a comprehensive overview of the B101 Owner-Architect Agreement and provide useful information for design professionals using AIA form contracts — as well as ideas for wording to use in other types of design professional contracts to help mitigate risks.

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Learning Objectives

  • > Overview of the AIA B101-2017 Owner-Architect Agreement
  • > Key risk allocation clauses including, standard of care, insurance, coordination of services, owner acceptance of substitutions and non-conforming construction work, etc.
  • > Owner communication with contractors to include architect, ownership and use of instruments of service
  • > Dispute resolution
  • > Right to use project photos in marketing and more

Topics Covered:

  • > Learn about the AIA B101™ 2017 Agreement between Owner and Architect
  • > Hear important risk management concepts included in the B101
  • > Obtain ideas for editing contract language to reduce or mitigate risk
  • > Get negotiation tips for reaching agreement on use of contract language

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