Key Litigation Lessons for Design Professionals – Webinar Slides

Posted on: June 9, 2021 by Professional Underwriters Agency

With 2020 in the rear-view mirror, there were several notable court decisions over the last year that addressed risk and liability — which could impact the future of your design practice.
This webinar in partnership with J. Kent Holland of Construction Risk, dives into recent court cases involving design professionals and offer insights on the courts’ interpretations of indemnity clauses, problematic standards of care and safety provisions in contracts.

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Learning Objectives

  • > Identify and manage risks related to design and construction issues
  • > Understand how courts determine site safety responsibility and how to manage the contract and project to allocate site safety to the most appropriate parties
  • > Study how the courts are applying risk allocation clauses in contracts and how to draft reasonable clauses
  • > Learn how to effectively address site safety risk management issues

Topics Covered:

  • > Standard of Care
  • > Indemnification
  • > Site Safety
  • > Insurance Disputes
  • > Third Party Beneficiaries
  • > Fraud
  • > Force Majeure for Pandemics
  • > Brand Name or Equal Specs
  • > Dispute Clauses

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