Liability Issues Arising out of Design and Design-Build Contracts – Webinar Recording

Posted on: January 26, 2021 by Professional Underwriters Agency

More contractors are going beyond their traditional role of builder and stepping into other roles in an effort to improve the efficiency and profitability of projects. However, with new roles comes new risks. With the help of this webinar, learn how to effectively identify and manage these new risks in design contracts, leverage recent court cases to stay informed and more.

Learning Objectives

  • > Identify and manage risks in design agreements, including design-build contracts and projects
  • > Learn risk management ideas and strategies from recent court decisions
  • > Gain a better understanding of how project delivery method and relationships of parties can impact responsibilities and risk of the parties to the contract

Topics Covered:

  • > Standard of care
  • > Designer’s liability to the prime contractor
  • > Indemnification
  • > Incorporation by reference of prime contract clauses
  • > Failure to properly manage design processes
  • > Teaming agreement liability
  • > Performance guarantees
  • > Risk allocation
  • > Cost overrun liability
  • > Owner’s warranty of bridging documents
  • > Prescriptive versus performance specifications

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